What Are You Committed To? The Four Factors For Effective Commitment

Commitment means being bound by a course of action to bring about the desired results. It is one of the most powerful personal traits we can aim to achieve.Our greatest leaders and the most successful business people all share common belief systems – determination, strength of purpose, and commitment.Being committed to yourself, your goals, your business and your relationships is what raises you above the mediocre, because people who honor their commitments stand out in the crowd.By honoring your commitments, you keep your promises and stay true to your word. Honoring your commitments also means that you promise to see them through to the very end, come what may.Not honoring your commitment destroys your credibility, dependability, and trustworthiness.1. Commitment to LifeThose who commit to living a successful, fulfilled life become the most successful, and fulfilled people.Commitment is not simply about making a half-hearted promise to yourself that you may keep when “all the stars are aligned satisfactorily”; commitment involves making a promise to yourself that you will see through to the very end.However, commitment doesn’t mean following through on a goal that, for whatever reason, becomes misaligned or doesn’t prove to be the goal you originally wanted to achieve.Making a promise that changes direction is quite separate from breaking a promise.To lead a fulfilled and happy life that raises you above the mediocre and clearly sets you on a path to achieve your life goals is what commitment is all about.2. Commitment to BusinessIt would be impossible to imagine a business leader who doesn’t value commitment as one of their greatest strengths.Commitment requires courage, strength and perseverance; personal traits you will find in any leadership manual.Great business leaders not only practice commitment in their own lives, they encourage, promote and reward commitment in their employees.Committed employees are competent and effective in the workplace as well as being committed to the overall success and vision of the company.Companies who engender commitment in every facet of their organization raise themselves above the level of their competition by honoring their promises and fulfilling the needs of their customers.3. Commitment to SuccessSuccess doesn’t just happen. Success occurs when determination, a desire to succeed, strength of purpose and a commitment to achieve your goals are present.Successful people commit to achieving better than their best. For them, commitment becomes an instinctual habit they practice every day.However, commitment is not merely about the intention or the strength of your promises, it is about taking action. Even the strongest commitment is just another broken promise unless a commitment to take action occurs.Study the commonalities successful people possess and you will find at the heart of their success a series of small and large goals they work on with a determination to succeed and a commitment to go the distance.4. Commitment to RelationshipsYou would swear from the number of books, seminars and workshops on the subject of “commitment phobia” that the phrase only belonged to the relationship game.In fact, “commitment phobes” occur in all walks of life and are generally loathe to commit to anything.Fulfilled and satisfying relationships form the backbone of our relationship with ourselves and the world around us.Commitment to a relationship operates in the same way commitment to anything does.Whether your relationship is personal, business, professional or sexual, committing to another individual is much the same as committing to an ideal or goal. You make a promise to that person and then you action your promise.Sounds simple, doesn’t it? So why then do the statistics tell us that over 50% of marriages now end in divorce?It would take much more than this brief article would allow to explain in any detail why so many committed relationships eventually fail.Human beings are amazingly complex creatures, so the coming together of two complex creatures in an equally complex relationship can be fraught with mishaps, misunderstandings, doubt, deceit, despair…the list goes on and on.In its most simplistic terms, committing to a relationship is no different from committing to a long term goal. To stay committed, you need to keep your focus on the vision and understand that the path to attain that vision may meander, twist, turn, convolute and lead you down a number of dead ends.What it takes is a shared desire to achieve the same vision and determination to succeed no matter what obstacles are placed in your path.What will you do next to increase your commitments? Make a list and begin implementing them in your life.